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Greetings to the official site of the rat control service. This site contains all the necessary information related to our service schedule, service process, and pricing range. Navigate through the site to find the best treatment suiting your preference and affordability. Keep an eye at the end of it to get our contact information.
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We serve many industries
We exercise rat elimination programs in specific industries. Here is a list of some of them:
Multi-unit apartment

Our pest examination service

Among all the other pests, domestic rodents need the most extensive pest examination service. Rats are primarily unseen to humans, unlike other pests. The only thing visible might be the effects and harms they produce to the place they have made their nests in.

For your home
Houses get infested by rats all the time due to the presence of abundant food and failure to maintain kitchen hygiene. The rat can have built its own house inside your house, or the source can be from outside as well. Our inspection service will keep an eye out for both the possibilities and make their plan according to it.

For your business
Business properties nurturing with foods and raw materials are most likely to get affected by rat infestation. Assessing which object is inviting rats to your territory and getting rid of the cause while terminating the rats are our priority during the examination service.

About US

Rat control service has been an independent private organization established five years ago at the heart of the capital. Starting as a rat specializing company, we have spread our wings to many other pest control services. 5year down the road, and we are already operating on all the main divisions of the country.

Although we have not been able to reach all the nooks and corners, including the country's rural areas, in this short period, it is in our better plan. Cityscapes have been our top priority since they are the ones having rat issues due to less cleanliness.

Our service is divided into two sections. One is the emergency service that is open 24*7, even on holidays. We will be ready with our emergency pest control service, even in the middle of the night for you. Another is the scheduled service that comes with a free examination service following it.

Both of the services are included in different pricing packages. We have made them as cost-effective as possible, keeping people of all classes in mind. Despite the cost, all of our treatments have enough quality to keep the growth and maturation of rats in check.

We organize seminars and hand out leaflets to mass people, free of cost, containing everything an ordinary person needs to know about rats. Our goal is to make a rat-free city that is habitable for all humans.

Why choose our professional pest control service

Rat infestation is not something new to this part of the world. Many big shark pest control organizations have established their names in these sectors ever since. So why pick a complete newbie from all the other perfections?

Even though we have been in the business for not so long, we have gathered equal amounts of experience as our competitors. Thanks to our customers for placing their belief in us, each of our experiences has opened a new horizon to our learning towards rat termination.

We have trained more than a thousand workers in these years to cope up with these experiences. They are now able to distinguish among different types of rats even by the looks and their trails. They are nationally qualified members of our government-approved organization.

Our safety policies include using the safest chemical trials and strategies for rat eliminations. You can put your money and faith into our rat control service while we can give you back a spotless property.

Why Rat control service is important

If you are a regular citizen of this country, you might have seen placing rat baits in your house or using rat poisons by the elders, at least once. Rats are that regularly occurring domestic rodent here. Although this process is applicable for one or two occasions, you cannot handle these singly if the number increases.

Also, rats tend to come back for more, over and over again. To uproot their infestation, it is necessary to seal their houses and source of manifestation. Rat control services are trained to do so for you while making the process as least harmful as possible.

These services also pay attention to the details of prevention and cure. If you pay for such a service, it will be worth the money.

We are the best rat control company in Bangladesh

When you are thinking about hiring a rat control company for your home or business, there are two things you need to keep in mind. One is the chemicals they use as a treatment and how they treat their customers. If both of these boxes are checked, you should be satisfied.

Our customer satisfaction can be found in the review section. With 100% customer satisfaction, we are flying higher every year. We achieved such height due to our quick and guaranteed response. If you contact us, rest assured, your place will be scratchless from rats after our visit.

Our chemicals are imported from first-world countries. We also produce our rat poison and other less harmful chemicals suitable for the rats of this country. It is for the sake of both the customers and the workers who are handling these.

Things you MUST know about rat control

There are no more significant ways than maintaining both personal and house hygiene to get rid of rats. Here are some of the tricks you may apply:

● Never keep cooked foods unattended at night in the kitchen. Always put a vessel on it.
● Keep the kitchen clean regularly so that food leftovers are not lying here and there.
● Put a rat bait at the corner just in case.
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